Flexible Aura Part II

Back in 2009, I co-curated the exhibition Flexible Aura with Christine Takengny. It started as we exchanged the images of artworks via email while located in London and Seoul. The exhibition attempted to raise questions around the notion of the aura in the age of digital reproduction and the World Wide Web, and to understand the aura beyond its material boundaries in a way to challenge archaic notion of space, originality and authentic authorship. 

Recently I often think of this exhibition in the time when I am stuck in Seoul, and me and Christine begin our conversation to curate its Part II after a decade. 

It is a bit strange to look into the exhibition I curated more than 10 years ago, but sharing it again would be a part of the starting point to continue, reappraise, and develop the concepts we examined back then in the present. 

·   Date: 15 October – 1 November, 2009 

·   Place: Brain Factory, Seoul 

·   Participating artists: Kristoffer Akselbo, Tasha Aulls, Supercream/Catherine Borra, Goldin+Senneby, Tina Hage, Niina Hartikainen, Candida Höfer, Jee Oh, Bona Park

·   Sponsored by Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Goethe Institut and German Embassy in Seoul

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